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Coinbase Wallet | Login to My Account

Well, we’ve been hearing about tons of cyber-attack incidents where cryptocurrencies are stolen and crypto accounts are getting robbed. You probably are aware of the fact that the reason behind this is the increasing value of crypto tokens across the world.
And in a fast-moving world, a lot can happen in a short while, thus, safety measures and protocols need to be put in place for crypto and crypto-holder safety. So this, need was addressed by the exclusive crypto services that surfaced and delivered a great user experience, which we know as crypto wallets.
Today, we thought, that you should know about the Coinbase Wallet – after all, it is offered for crypto fund safety by the best crypto exchange platform that leads in the global market. You’ll learn about the browser compatibility, features, and steps to acquire it for yourself.
Go through the traits for the wallet service by Coinbase
This part has been exclusively crafted to help you with learning what is so special about the Coinbase Wallet that we have been favoring it so much and for so long:
The major focus is on safeguarding crypto data and crypto wealth
Browser plugin and the desktop app are the versions that this wallet comes in
Trade transactions made can be directly from the wallet network
Interests on DEXs, digital asset holdings and savings are exclusive
Easy trade routes and service interfaces, simply add to the experience
Now, let’s talk about the browser compatibility that the Coinbase wallet service has been designed or built-in (we heard Chrome is the most used and Safari holds the second place):
Coinbase Wallet: Browser Extension or Desktop Application
Here, in this part of the read, we’ve made sure that you go through the explicit steps that help you with acquiring the extension and the desktop app so, please, keep it in mind that next time you go out:
Extension section
Open a browser and look for the extension.
On choosing it, you must “Add to Chrome”.
Now, tap “Add Extension” and wait for some time.
As soon as the installation is done, launch it.
App for Desktop section
Begin by launching the browser web star.
Type in “Coinbase Wallet” and look for it.
Once it is downloaded, go on to sign in.
If you don’t have it, create a new one.
This short but highly-detailed read has been crafted to help you with understanding the scenario that resulted in the ideation of the cryptocurrency wallets. But not just that, we also told you about a wallet service that can help you settle a long dilemma – which crypto wallet is the best.
Don’t you think the best crypto exchange worldwide, might just be the one to offer the best wallet as well? Therefore, we cited features of the Coinbase Wallet that you can acquire either as a web browser plugin or an app for the desktop. And also, you’d find the download and/or installation procedure for the same, in a specific step-by-step section towards the end.

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